Questions & answers

What should I wear to my session?
I suggest wearing anything that doesn’t distract from your face. For example, try to avoid wearing items of clothing with logos, busy patterns, or tops the same color of your hair (so it doesn’t blend in). Neutrals are a great way to go!

What will my session will be like?
Communication is key. First, we will review the different grouping you want captured. For a family session we will start off taking what I call a “grandparent” picture which is with everybody looking at the camera and smiling. After that, I really try hard to not have too many eyes looking into the lens and create more natural photographs that will capture personality. We will most likely play some games or put you in a position to break you out of your shell and make the family laugh. For sessions other than family, we will get a mixture of portrait and candid photos to have a great variety for your gallery to download.

What should I bring for my senior/portrait session?
For senior sessions, I suggest you bring 1-2 outfit changes and anything you want to document or remember about this time in your life. If that is a letterman jacket and football or your favorite necklace, I want to capture this time of your life and anything that holds importance to you. For portrait sessions, you have the option to bring a change of clothes plus any accessories you want to use to change things up.

Should I, as the parent, come to my senior's session?
I would leave this up to the child. Sometimes parents might make the child feel more awkward in front of the camera or some children want their parent there for support or to make them laugh. Every person is different so I would ask your senior what they would like for you to do.

What will we do if the weather is bad?
We will always create a Plan B. Washington rain can be really off and on so it might lightly rain for half of the session then stop. We will have another date that works if the first day scheduled needs to be canceled due to the weather. I also have 2 clear umbrellas we can use if necessary.

How and when do I pay?
The three methods of payment I accept are using the invoice sent to you, cash, check or Venmo. You can either pay after the session or any time before the pictures are ready. There is a $50 payment due at the time you book to secure the desired date. This payment is non-refundable. You will only receive the images after I have received the full payment. Most people pay right after the session.

Are there any additional charges I should be aware of?
There are a couple ways that you can book your session and there will be an additional charge. If there are more than one family in a session, each additional member (aside from the family that booked the session) will be an additional $15. For example, if you have one family plus an additional 3 members that are from another family group then it will be $45 more to add to the overall cost. Another way there can be an additional charge is if the location you are wanting is more than 20 miles from Everett. The additional charge will be determined by how far away the location is. You do have the option of purchasing additional images from your gallery if they are available. The additional charge is $10 (for the Collection #2 packages) or $12 (for Collection #1 packages) per image.

When and how will I receive my images?
I will send you a gallery a day after your session to select your favorite images from the ones I took. After you are finished selecting the amount of images for your package, you will let me know you are finished and you will receive your final images by email in 5-7 days. You will be allowed to purchase additional images after you select the images you are wanting if there are more you are wanting than what your package allowed. I use an online gallery that allows you to download your images straight to your computer.

What will you do with my images after you send them to me?
Your images will stay in the online gallery for you to download and/or purchase for 6 months and then you will need to email me to receive them after that. To further advertise my business and the work I produce, I will be able to use the pictures from your session to advertise my portfolio or use for promotional use. If this is something you are not okay with, please let me know before your session through the contract.

Do you provide an option for printing?
With your package, you do reserve the right to print your images yourself or you can purchase prints through the online gallery. The quality will match the prices you pay.

Do your prices change?
Because I am continuing to be educated often and improving my equipment, prices are subject to change. Prices will not change with sessions that are already booked before the price change.

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