— Phyllis Diller

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. 

Hello! I am Chelsi Sheaffer and I am a lifestyle photographer. I specialize in and enjoy outdoor natural light photography.

Just to tell you a little about myself: fall is my absolute favorite season. Mostly because I can wear sweaters that are big and comfy and call it my "fall wardrobe". I am kind of obsessed with food (mostly desserts) and finding the next big thing I want to make during my "relaxing time" after I put my daughters to bed. I am embarrassed to say that my hobby mostly consists of watching Netflix at night while I edit. I also am obsessed with candles and hoard them because I want to keep that perfect scent and end up not using them for way too long. I spend most of my time playing tea party, chase, dancing with my 3-year-old or kissing my new baby girl and counting down the time until their dad comes home so we can have dance parties together.

I love my life and photography gives me the outlet I crave to create and enjoy those fun moments I have with the people I meet with each and every session! Check out my work and see if we are a good fit for me to take care of your photography needs!